Acadia - July, 2000

by Matthew Burfeind

Maine...life the way it should be

After last year's highly successful venture into the world of camping, I was happy to return to the scene of the crime. This year we chose to camp on Mt. Desert Island, although our campsite on the quiet side was just about as far from the heart of Acadia as Lamoine State Park had been last year. Still, it was nice to see a less touristy, but no less beautiful, part of the park.

The Two Jennifers

This year's cast was similar to last year's, with the part of Heath Racine played by Valerie Wright. Valerie brought her own sense of fun and adventure to the proceedings, not to mention a camp chair to be reckoned with -- complete with cup holder.

Our campsite was at the Quietside Campground, near Bass Harbor. It wasn't the cheapest place on the island, but the seclusion was nice. We had a couple of sites in the center of the campground, and the campground wasn't busy at all. The tent sites had wooden platforms -- we were a little leary of them at first, but when we were confronted with the downpour that lasted most of Sunday, we were grateful to be raised off of the muddy ground. And I found that sleeping on a level surface was strangely comfortable!

View of our Tent Around the campsite Tiger

The campground's owners had a collection of friendly cats, led by a little gray one we affectionally referred to as, "Tiger". We later found out that her name was Pam, but by then our name for her had stuck.

Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

I haven't finished writing about the rest of the trip, but in the meantime, feel free to take the shortcut to the rest of the photos

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