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More Hodgepodge

In what has become a theme, I’m getting more grief for not having posted pictures in a while.  So, here we go:



Kit and SammyWe’re back from sunny CA, a little tired, and a little sad that it’s so cold here. Fun trip, with lots of family, friends, and adventures. We flew out on Christmas morning, got there in time for lunch and presents with the grandparents, then dinner in Saugus (not that Saugus, the other one). Turkey AND lasagna. Out of six nights in LA, Sammy fell asleep somewhere other than his bed on four of them. The highlight was a trip to Disneyland, for which we kidnapped our godson. Kit was a joy, and he and Sammy made quite a pair.

We flew back on New Year’s Eve, missing the turn of the new year somewhere over the western states. Got home in time to take a nap and then watch the Rose Parade. Now it’s back to work, and it’s supposed to be a high of 16 degrees tomorrow. Lovely.