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The European vacation, as seen by Sammy

We’re back from Biarritz and London, and while it’s going to take a while to post all the good pictures, I thought I’d start with a manageable collection —the pictures that Sammy took.  The first few were on the Nikon, and when we saw how much he enjoyed it, we just gave him the little Canon to use whenever we were out and about.  He seems to have a fascination with feet, but overall, I was very impressed.  He has a good eye for composition, and it’s great to finally have pictures of the two of us!



On Saturday we went to the new Natick Collection, formerly known as the Natick Mall, to check out what the marketing folks are calling the Newbury Street of the western suburbs. I wouldn’t go so far as to agree with that (although they do have a Tommy Bahama store!). Still, our opinion was greatly enhanced when Jennifer called me from the shoe department at Nordstrom to tell me that Kevin Youkilis was there, signing autographs. Sammy and I tore ourselves away from the island lifestyle and headed over to wait in line.

This was, of course, the day after the Sox had clinched the division, so we imagine that Kevin may have been sporting a bit of a hangover. Still, he was perfectly nice, and seemed pleased to sign Sammy’s Portland Sea Dogs hat. It was the only thing we had on us worth signing (it was that or our grocery list), but luckily, he actually played for the Sea Dogs in their first season as a Red Sox affiliate. He also seemed grateful when Sammy told him that he should win a Gold Glove some day.

Not a bad deal for a chance encounter in the shoe department.