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Sarah and Scott’s Wedding

Sarah and ScottIt was pointed out to me, and rightfully so, that I apparently had forgotten to post anything from a certain other event that occurred this summer. In my defense, which isn’t saying much, I didn’t actually take many pictures at the wedding. The professional seemed to have things well under control, so I mostly just took pictures of Sammy in his tuxedo.

In any case, the wedding was lovely, the bride looked radiant, and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. And Sammy looked great in a tuxedo.

Also, Vegas rocks!


Bryan and Stacey get hitched

I’m not putting these pictures up in any particular order, but it made sense to do the photos from the actual wedding next, since it was the reason we were in Europe to begin with. The ceremony and reception were at the Villa Arnaga, in Cambo-les-Bains. The villa was the home of Edmond Rostand, who wrote the play, Cyrano de Bergerac. It was a gorgeous location, and though the rain forced the ceremony itself indoors, it stopped in time for the reception.

The food was amazing, from the finger foods immediately after the wedding to the meal and desserts. Among the highlights was the croquembouche, a profiterole cone that is a traditional French alternative to the wedding cake.

And it goes without saying that the Bryan and Stacey looked fantastic.