Rose Parade Floats - Pasadena

The Rose Parade is a much bigger deal than I ever imagined. People camp out on the streets of Pasadena on New Year's Eve so they'll have a good spot on the parade route. Of course, it helps that it always seems to be sunny and warm on New Year's Day in Pasadena. Having a newborn, we sensibly decided to watch the parade on TV, but we did take advantage of the fact that the floats are all placed on public view for three days after the parade. The day that we went was absolutely gorgeous, with hardly a cloud in the sky and temperatures near eighty. It was certainly the nicest outdoor activity that Sammy's gotten to experience in his short life!

The floats themselves are incredible, with scale replicas of buildings, giant flowers, animals, and other scenes from nature. Many of them use computerized animation, and all of them have to be able to fit under an overpass for the 210 freeway that is part of the parade route. All the surfaces of the floats must be covered with flowers or other natural material, which makes for some creative use of blueberries, potatoes, lentil seeds, and brussels sprouts. You can read more about it at the Tournament of Roses web site.

I don't remember what each of these floats represents, so I didn't bother to caption the photos.

roseparade-01 roseparade-02 roseparade-03 roseparade-04
roseparade-05 roseparade-06 roseparade-07 roseparade-08
roseparade-09 roseparade-10 roseparade-11 roseparade-12
roseparade-13 roseparade-14 roseparade-15 roseparade-16
roseparade-17 roseparade-18 roseparade-19 roseparade-20

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