January 2005 - Stormy Weather

Here are some photos from the blizzard this past weekend. We got a good two feet of snow in less than 24 hours, although the wind blew the snow around so much that it was hard to tell exactly how much we really got. At least it was light and fluffy, and not a wet snow.

The neighborhood really seems to rally in times like this -- Sunday afternoon was, for most of the men on the block, a time to become one with our shovels. I don't know what we would have done without George, the next-door neighbor with the snowblower, who kept working until our whole corner was dug out. George and his snowblower are largely responsible for the mountain of snow sitting in the road in front of our house, around which we are able to drive our cars. The mountain has the added benefit of protecting our cars from the snow plows that would otherwise block us in as they round the corner.

All in all, we're pretty glad this sort of thing doesn't happen too often.

storm_1 storm_2 storm_3
View from our front door Icicles next door A good reason to have snow boots
storm_4 storm_5 storm_6
A good reason to stay indoors A good reason not to drive anywhere That snow pile was our work, not the backhoe's
storm_7 storm_8 storm_9
A few hours, a few shovels, and a snowblower Don't stand underneath these! This will be with us for a while

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