Our House, in the Middle of our Street

Well, it’s a done deal. We’ve joined the ranks of homeowners. We had, I think, the most productive day we’ve ever had. We bought a house, signed Sammy up for Kindergarten, and set up our cable/internet/phone service. Of all the day’s activities, it was the last one that took the longest and was the most confusing.

In all seriousness, this whole house thing was remarkable. We ended up buying the first house that we were really smitten with (even though we dated some others before we proposed), and the whole process was smoother than we could have imagined. We took it as a good omen that today was such a beautiful day — sunny and close to 70 degrees! The only thing that marred the closing was getting a parking ticket in Brookline, which only reaffirms our decision to buy in Boston.

Now the hard work really begins.