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Sammy’s 6th Birthday

Sammy turns six tomorrow, which I’m finding as hard to believe as the fact that he’s now got a little brother. Happily, we were able to outsource his birthday party to Kids U, a children’s activity center in Needham. It was awesome. They’ve got a a huge play structure, which was a big hit with the kids, and an open play area for games, obstacle courses, etc. They take care of everything — we ordered the pizza and brought a cake, and that was pretty much it.

Given the other things going on in our lives right now, being able to just have the party and not have the stress was a huge relief. We did have a minor incident with the cake — it wasn’t ready when I went to pick it up last night, and after some consulting with the manager, it became clear that somebody had put the order in the wrong place. Happily, they were able to get me the cake about an hour later. I’m glad I opted to pick it up Saturday night instead of just before the party! Anyway, the cake was a work of art, with construction vehicles on top and frosting colored to look like dirt (which sounds worse than it is). It was marble cake, because Sammy couldn’t decide between chocolate or vanilla.


Sammy’s 5th Birthday

Sammy turned five on Saturday. Hard to believe, but it’s true. This year, he asked for a pool party at the YMCA, so we went with a Hawaiian theme. A bunch of his friends came, and everybody got to splash around in the water for an hour before heading over to the aerobics room for pizza and cake. A cake, I must say, that was the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen. Party Favors in Brookline, if anyone ever needs to get a great cake. We wanted to get one in the shape of a surfboard, which they offered to do, but custom shapes don’t come cheap. The more affordable option included white chocolate surfboards and crustaceans, sculpted fish and a palm tree, and the most realistic surf I’ve ever seen on cake frosting. It was a work of art.

Special thanks to Jesse for being in charge of the camera.


Halloween Past

We took a look at photos from the past couple of Halloweens and realized that we never posted photos from that time of year in 2005, which means we also missed Doug and Lena’s wedding (and Sammy’s first trip to New York). So, without further ado, here they are. Sammy was a giraffe in 2004, and a darn cute one, if you ask me.

There’s also a picture from Sammy’s birthday, which strictly speaking was not in October, but who’s keeping track?