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Sammy’s 5th Birthday

Sammy turned five on Saturday. Hard to believe, but it’s true. This year, he asked for a pool party at the YMCA, so we went with a Hawaiian theme. A bunch of his friends came, and everybody got to splash around in the water for an hour before heading over to the aerobics room for pizza and cake. A cake, I must say, that was the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen. Party Favors in Brookline, if anyone ever needs to get a great cake. We wanted to get one in the shape of a surfboard, which they offered to do, but custom shapes don’t come cheap. The more affordable option included white chocolate surfboards and crustaceans, sculpted fish and a palm tree, and the most realistic surf I’ve ever seen on cake frosting. It was a work of art.

Special thanks to Jesse for being in charge of the camera.

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