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Sammy’s 6th Birthday

Sammy turns six tomorrow, which I’m finding as hard to believe as the fact that he’s now got a little brother. Happily, we were able to outsource his birthday party to Kids U, a children’s activity center in Needham. It was awesome. They’ve got a a huge play structure, which was a big hit with the kids, and an open play area for games, obstacle courses, etc. They take care of everything — we ordered the pizza and brought a cake, and that was pretty much it.

Given the other things going on in our lives right now, being able to just have the party and not have the stress was a huge relief. We did have a minor incident with the cake — it wasn’t ready when I went to pick it up last night, and after some consulting with the manager, it became clear that somebody had put the order in the wrong place. Happily, they were able to get me the cake about an hour later. I’m glad I opted to pick it up Saturday night instead of just before the party! Anyway, the cake was a work of art, with construction vehicles on top and frosting colored to look like dirt (which sounds worse than it is). It was marble cake, because Sammy couldn’t decide between chocolate or vanilla.

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