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Halloween 2008

We didn’t expect to have two kids to celebrate Halloween with this year, but there you go.  I went to Target earlier this week, and found the last costume they had in the 0-6 month size — a chili pepper.  It’s pretty awesome, as costumes go.

The festivities began with Sammy’s kindergarten parade.   Apparently, there is a longstanding tradition at the Manning Elementary School of letting the kindergarten students bring in their costumes for a parade through the halls, trick-or-treating at each of the other classrooms.  Since Jennifer and I were both home with Josh, we decided to check it out.  I’m not sure what my favorite part was — the teachers dressed as the Supremes, or the kids themselves.

When we got home, we discovered Paul Chevrette, across the street, setting up the most elaborate Halloween decorations we’ve ever seen.  We’d been warned that Paul enjoyed Halloween like none other, but we hadn’t really been prepared for the full extent of it. Screaming fog machines, a cemetery, limbs peeking out from the bushes, giant blow-ups of ghouls and a Santa’s sleigh…it was something to behold.

The actual trick-or-treating was great.  Sammy was once again an astronaut, this time in a white costume complete with a talking helmet.  Josh made an appearance as the aforementioned chili pepper, but stayed home to help Jennifer distribute candy while I took Sammy around the block.

After the great Easter Egg Hunt and this, we can’t wait to see how this neighborhood celebrates Christmas.

3 Responses to Halloween 2008

  1. ErinLeigh says:

    WOW! There was a house in our neighborhood that a little girl was crying how she was afraid to go to the door…and it was nothing like your neighbor. Thank you for the great shots. Burfeind.net is almost a daily visit in our house.

  2. TiaMia says:

    Well, if I must say so myself ~ that astronaut is the coolest ever. And I love the chili pepper! It’s perfect.

  3. Grandma says:

    Foe someone who was red-hot to get here early, don’t you think a chili pepper is just perfect? And Sammy is great as an astronaunt!


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