Another new arrival

I know there’s lots of other stuff going on tonight, but this is big news. Jennifer’s first cell phone was purchased in 1999, the year we got married. I don’t have any pictures of it, but you probably remember what cell phones looked like ten years ago.

Her second cell phone was purchased in 2003, after Sammy was born. While it wasn’t cutting edge, it was a decent phone, a flip phone with a camera. Cool for the time. I bought one for myself a few months later. Of course, I moved on to something else a few years ago.

Check it out…

Today, it finally happened. She’s moved out of the cell phone stone age. We can no longer call her a cell phone Luddite. I bought her a new phone.

It’s a good phone, the Samsung Rant. Just came out last month. It’s red, it’s on the EVDO high-speed network, and best of all, it will finally allow her to use that unlimited text messaging on her account.

So, let’s all welcome Jenn into the modern era. Feel free to send her a text to congratulate her. You know the number.